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Want more information straight from the source? These past participants of SIMI are willing to share their experiences and answer any questions via e-mail.


Wilma Amaro, Pueblo High:
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Maegan Lopez, Baboquivari High:
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Inquiry-based learning is gaining tremendous respect in educational outlets around the nation. For more information on ignorance and questioning, check out these online articles:

"The Art of Asking Good Questions," from, an Internet journal. Available at
This short article covers the basics of question-based education, including how to lead students in questioning and how to create a teaching project centered around student inquiry.

"The Inquiry Page Project," from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Available at
This very detailed web site includes the philosophical and academic foundations of question-based learning, as well as advice for teachers and sample lessons in several subject areas.

"Questioning techniques," from the Poynter Institute. Though intended as training for reporters, these references are also relevant to improving questioning skills.
Available at:

"Innocentives," from Eli Lilly & Co. Available at
On this web site, the company posts scientific problems and provides cash awards to those who can develop interesting solutions. Prizes range from $2,000 to $100,000.