Marlys H. Witte, MD


Professor of Surgery

Department of Surgery

Francisco Garcia, MD

Assistant Director

Assistant Professor

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Walter H. Williams, PhD, MD

Assistant Director

Professor of Radiology

Department of Medical Imaging

Grace S. Wagner

Program Coordinator Senior
Department of Surgery

Peter Crown, PhD

Multimedia Collaboratory Producer
Department of Surgery

Michael Bernas, MS

Curriculum Coordinator

Associate Scientific Investigator

Department of Surgery

Roger L. Caldwell, PhD

Collaboratory/Caucus Consultant

Professor, Department of  Soil,
Water and Environmental Science; Director, Educational Communications and Technology

Lawrence Aleamoni, PhD


Professor/Department Head, Special Education, Rehabilitation and School Psychology

Cynthia Jorgensen, BA

Administrative Assistant
Department of Surgery

Frances Vasques

Office Assistant
Department of Surgery

David Gaxiola